1. BOOK: There May Still Be Time Left (VSW)

    2022-06-04 22:46:13 UTC
    THERE MAY STILL BE TIME LEFT - AARON TURNERPublished by VISUAL STUDIES WORKSHOP Part of The Black Alchemy series, There May Still Be Time Left continues Turner’s examination of the present, Black artists, and Black American history through construction, abstraction, and projection. Included is “A Litany of Aesthetics (Composition in…

  2. Commission: The Atlantic (April 2022)

    2022-06-04 22:38:35 UTC
    THE FINAL PANDEMIC BETRAYAL  Millions of people are still mourning loved ones lost to COVID, their grief intensified, prolonged, and even denied by the politics of the pandemic.

  3. Commission: TIME Magazine (Feb. 2022)

    2022-06-04 22:34:07 UTC
    How a Journalist’s Refusal to Testify Against the Black Panthers Changed First Amendment Rights Artist Aaron Turner’s treatment on an image of Earl Caldwell, reporter for the New York Times, published on June 29, 1972. Aaron Turner (Source Photo: AP)

  4. 2022 Darryl Chappell Foundation photographer-in-residence at Ogden Museum of Southern Art

    2022-01-27 22:33:50 UTC
    OGDEN MUSEUM OF SOUTHERN ART AND DARRYL CHAPPELL FOUNDATION ANNOUNCE PHOTOGRAPHER-IN-RESIDENCE SELECTION CONGRATULATIONS TO AARON TURNER Ex-Boxer, 2015, Greenville, Mississippi, 18 in x 12 in This past summer, Ogden Museum was awarded a $13,800 grant from the Darryl Chappell Foundation to fund a photographer-in-residence program. A call for entries for…

  5. Arkansas Times Q&A w/Stephanie Smittle

    2022-01-09 14:53:31 UTC
    ‘Black Alchemy’: A Q&A with photographer Aaron Turner CARBON, MARS, OBSIDIAN: In Aaron Turner’s photography, black is far from being a single hue.

  6. Winning Artists of the Creator Labs Photo Fund | Aperture Foundation

    2021-10-04 14:50:57 UTC
    “This summer, Aperture and Google’s Creator Labs teamed up to launch a new initiative, the Creator Labs Photo Fund, aimed at providing financial support to photographers in the wake of COVID-19. Selected by Aperture’s editors, the twenty winning artists are recognized for their exceptional vision as well as the strength

  7. Delta Voices: Artists of the Mid-South

    2021-08-27 21:26:57 UTC
    “Turner was selected to participate in Delta Voices by Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art. A photographer and educator based in Fayetteville, Arkansas, Turner leads the Center for Photographers of Color at the University of Arkansas. He draws upon his own experiences as an artist from the Arkansas Delta to

  8. Available Print @ f22 Fine Art Prints

    2021-06-14 22:36:21 UTC
    Enclose, 2021 from the upcoming series, I Won’t Be Here, available for a limited time at f22 FINE ART PRINTS “This image is a representation of the pursuit of light within my practice over the years. For a long time I waited patiently and responded to available light but in…

  9. Collaborative Conversations: Aaron Turner and Sonja Thomsen

    2021-04-09 05:57:42 UTC
    Artists Sonja Thomsen and Aaron Turner discuss the role of light in their practice; their conversation on a new nothing; their respective shows at The Suburban and Light Work; as well as celebrate their new publications.

  10. Q&A w/ BASEMENT

    2021-04-08 05:41:57 UTC
    Q&A with BASEMENT Curators

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