1. a new nothing w/ Sonja Thomsen

    29 Oct 2020
    Check out my conversation with Sonja Thomsen on a new nothing.

  2. Keynote Speaker: 2020 SPE South Central Virtual Conference

    22 Oct 2020
    October 24, 2020, 6:45 pm CDT Black Alchemy: Race, Aesthetics, Abstraction, and Ontology  A talk by Aaron Turner South Central, Sponsored by the University of Arkansas School of Art

  3. Commission: The Atlantic

    22 Oct 2020
    THE FIRSTSThe children who desegregated America The Children Who Desegregated America’s Schools A special project from The Atlantic

  4. Digital Residency - BASEMENT (Sept. 7 - 28)

    15 Sep 2020
    I’m currently in the middle of doing a digital-residency with BASEMENT — An artist run space in Chapel Hill, NC. You can follow along as I take over their Instagram account (@basementartspace)for the next few weeks. I’m sharing new images from a series titled Black Alchemy: There may still be

  5. Recent Interviews: Shades Collective & Humble Arts Foundation

    31 Jul 2020
     What is Black Alchemy? A Conversation on Abstraction and Identity via Humble Arts Foundation  Aaron Turner Speaks on Institutional Shortcomings & Reclaiming the Narrative of Black Photographers via Shades Collective  Recent Podcasts: United Nations of Photo: A Photographic Life Podcast - 118: Plus Aaron Turner B&H Photography Podcast: Internal Thoughts…

  6. Reflection…

    11 Jun 2020
    Brother Hammons, an elder, 2018 My heart goes out to George Floyd and his family for the horrific crime in which he lost his life that took place on May 25, 2020, in Minneapolis, Minnesota. It’s been a lot to take in as the media shifted from Covid-19 related news…

  7. What I’ve been up to (Covid-19)

    18 May 2020
    Untitled (can’t stop thinking about MLK) , 2020 Recently I’ve been in an alternative mindset about making work, mainly because I don’t have access to my studio. Before this I wasn’t always physically making work, I was more so working mentally, thinking and reading rigorously before I even out an…

  8. Looking at Daisy Bates

    24 Apr 2020
    This triptych of images about Daisey Bates (1914-1999| Huttig, AR) pay homage to her work as a civil rights activist, writer and publisher of the Arkansas State Press, a weekly African-American newspaper which she operated with her husband Lucious Christopher “L.C.” Bates, an insurance agent and an experienced journalist. Bates…

  9. Family time, passing us by

    28 Jun 2019
    Brother/Brother & Nephew Texas (2019) & Virginia (2018) The community I came from is known as the Arkansas Delta. But growing up, I was always told I had to prepare myself to leave, and there was nothing for me in this region. There where social economic and cultural issues that…

  10. The maker’s intention

    25 Jun 2019
    Sister & Beauty, 2018 Often we as artists make something with a specific set of influences in mind which flow through our consciousness. Be it a book, an essay we read, a film we watched, work from other artists we look at, a historical context.   These are the things that…

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