Podcast: The Careful Photograph Ep. 2

Thank you Tarrah Krajnak for inviting me to be a guest on The Careful Photograph podcast!


In this episode, we sit down with photographer Aaron Turner to discuss The joy of Roquemore #2 from the series Black alchemy: there may still be time left (2020). Aaron Turner’s series Black Alchemy, Backwards/Forwards is currently on view at Light Work in the Katherine O. Ellis Gallery.

In each episode we ask our visiting artist to come up with a creative prompt based on their practice. Below you will find the prompt and photographed discussed in this episode. In this episode, Aaron references It’s Not Enough to Say ‘Black is Beautiful’ by Frank Bowling.

“The Careful Photograph” features the voices of photographers of color who are challenging, subverting, and highlighting some of the problems and paradoxes of the photographic medium in our current moment. In each episode we focus our conversation on a single photograph by the artist. From there, I try to let the artist shape the conversation, and what has emerged are nine episodes (so far) that can be used as a teaching tool, or a course in itself about how to look at photographs and look “with care.” Each episode ends with a praxis assignment, visual exercise, or creative prompt for students or listeners. I am looking forward to sharing them with you. “The Careful Photograph” is made possible by the MCSI at Pitzer College. As Director of the Monroe Center for Social inquiry this public podcast will serve as a companion to my MCSI course offering, “Photography and the Racialized Body,” a course which stems from my own long engagement with questions of identity, the body, and the history of photography and race in America.

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